• Graded Cashew kernels are packed for exports / local sales in bulk in 18 litre square tins to 25 lbs (11,34 kg) net weight.
  • Tins can also be used for packing 10 kg nett to a tin for exports to middle east countries.
  • Two tins are packed in a corrugated box, strapped for shipment.
  • Tin packing system consists of a feeder table where kernels are loaded., the kernels slide through an air blower chute to remove any light foreign material like paper, human hair etc.
  • Cashew kernel filled tins are vacuumised and filled with Carbon- di oxide an inert gas to kill any live insect infestation mainly tribolium.
  • Gas filled tins are hermitically sealed using lead free material for extended shelf life.
Cashew Kernels Dust Cleaner
Cashew Kernels Tin Filling Machine