Dry roasting & salt / spice Coating Systems

  • Machine nominal batch capacity available are 50 kg and 250 kg.
  • The fully Stainless Steel constructed machine has a rotating drum heated by a LPG Gas Burner with a digital temperature and timer control and drum speed control knob.
  • Loading is manual and unloading is by rotating the drum in the reverse direction, which discharges the roasted material through the mouth.
  • The rotating drum assures uniformroasting of kernels. Also the dry roaster can be used to coat dry spices and salt to the kernels when applied just before unloading / discharging the roasted kernels.
  • By varying drum speed and controlling the roasting temperature and time the degree of desired level of roasting can be achieved.

Cashew Kernel Dry Roasting System

Cashew Kernel Oil Roasting System