Raw Cashew Sizing Machine, Raw Cashew Nut Grading Machinery

  • Raw Cashew Nut Cleaning and bagging system

RCN purchased from the farm needs proper sun drying, cleaning and bagging to store them for future shipment and processing. The system removes the dust / mud/rejected nuts and cleans the RCN and it is weighed and filled in jute bagsand sealedto a net weight of 80 kg per bag.  Nominal Capacity 15 metric ton per hour.

  • RCN Sizing System.
  • Nominal Capacity 1000 to 1500 kg / hour.

The system consists of a hopper and an elevator feeder to feed the rotating RCN sizing drum.

The graded nuts fall due to gravity and collected in respective size marked outlet for size A,B, C & D

Sun dried raw Cashew are calibrated in mechanized machine and grouped according to size to minimize uncut , broken % and uneven cutting of nuts in shelling machine and to optimize production. GI Technologies provides all verity of customized raw cashew cleaning and calibration system for your needs.

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