Cashew Kernels Semi Automatic Peeling Machine

Cashew Kernels Semi Automatic Peeling Machine 40 kg

Cashew Peeling machine, Automatic Peeling Machine , mechanized Cashew peeler, Cashew batch peeler & continuous peeler.

Borma dryed & humidified cashew kernel is peeled to remove brown skin covering the kernel surface which if left un removed spoils the taste / flavour of kernel when tasted. Peeling system has undergone a sea change by the introduction of pneumatic mechanized machines. This facilitates peeling to be done hygienically untouched by hand, but produces higher % of broken in peeling compared to manual peeling. This problem is squarely addressed by GI by an innovative technology break- though achieved, reducing peeling broken at par with manual peeling without compromising on high productivity – a dream come true!!!.

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