• Shelling of Steam cooked / Roasted nuts is done to get the kernel decorticated –  embedded kernel in nut separated from the outer shell either using a manual shelling/cutting machine or motorised machine.
  • Manual shelling machines shells Cashew nut by human intervention, it is being replaced by motorised/ semi-automatic shelling machines to avoid hazardous CNSL spillage on skin of operators.

Hand Operated

Leg Operated

Semi Automatic Shelling Machine 25kg/hour

Semi Automatic Shelling Machine 50kg/hour

Shell And Kernel Separating System

Nut Decorticating Machine, Automatic Cashew Nut Cutting Machine, Cashew Manual Shelling Machine, and De-Shelling Machine

Shelling is done to get embedded cashew kernel out from the nut shell. This can be achieved by manual hand held cutter, mechanized manual cutters and recently introduced Automatic Cashew Nut shelling machine technologically upgraded into a Cashew Shelling System incorporating integrated shell separating system to deliver optimum productivity. This helps skip the hazardous manual picking of kernels from the shell which spoils worker’s skin due to oozing CNSL.

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