Turnkey Project for Cashew Nut Processing

We offer world class Integrated Cashew Processing Plant of various TPD capacity customized to individual customer needs  incorporating latest state of the art Processing technology – from Raw Cashew Nut handling/ storage to producing edible cashew kernel & Value added product. Offering includes Pre Engineered Shed, production of Cashew Nut Shell Liquid (CNSL) and captive power plant from shell cake for electric power generation under single widow service.

You are empowered to get state of the art latest technology and service from a single source to help you grow globally.

Raw Cashew Nut- Cleaning and Bagging System

Raw Cashew Nut Sizing System

HMT Boiler – Steam Generator

Cashew Cooking System

Steamed Nuts Storage Silo System

Online Nut Shelling And Kernel Separating System

Cashew Drying System

Steam Humidifier

Cashew Kernels Peeling Machines

Cashew Kernel Grading & Colour Sorting Machine

Cashew Kernel Dicer Machine

Pouch Packing Systems

Tin Packing Systems

Retail Packing