Mr. Barathy & Mr. Sharathi, twin brothers born to Mr. Arunachalam & Mrs.Kuppammal in 1972, in a family of hereditary farmers in a village – Anayeri in Vilupuram district in Tamil Nadu, India.

Family of 4 brothers & 3 sisters moved with their parents to metropolitan city Chennai in 1984, 150 km from their village in search of better educational opportunity & to augment their fortunes to meet the growing family financial needs.

The sudden loss of their father in 1987, brothers in the family were forced leave their school to seek job to support the large family which they did with commitment & devotion.

Mr. Barathy became an assistant in an electrical firm and Mr. Sharathi joined a fabricator as an assistant.

Their job did not quell their desire to educate and qualify professionally. Both of them joined part time evening classes to acquire Diploma in their respective trades with a vision and determination establish themselves as an entrepreneur in future.

Mr. Barathy having mastered his trade technically found his calling as a manufacturer of quality Cashew machinery when opportunity unfolded in the

Founded Gayathri Industry in 1994 with the blessings of their mother and moral support of brothers and sisters to manufacture Quality Cashew
Processing machinery. Mr. Sharathi readily joined his twin brother to offer his technical support in manufacturing.

The cashew processing was then totally depended on manual labour except for nut seasoning & drying and it could not meet the growing Overseas demand for Quality & timely shipment.

The journey began with offering of energy efficient Cashew Dryers with various heating options – Cashew shell fired, Wood fired, electrical heated, LPG/ Diesel fired & Steam heated to customers' requirement.

The confidence reposed by the buyers in their capability propelled the brothers to raise the bar continuously setting a bench mark by offering Continuous Improvement & innovation in the machinery to the growing needs/expectation of the Industry for from time to time.

True to its name, GAYATHRI – which means total care of all those whomsoever approached with open mind & purpose stood in good stead at all times – a Policy which stood the test of time till date.

Realised business is people and necessary to help vendors grow along with them with technical inputs and timely payment – USP (Unique Selling
Proposition) became a boon for suppliers and made them vie with each other to seek their association with Gayathri.

Felt the need to mechanise the hazardous cashew shelling machine added with the looming shortage of skilled labours.

The outcome was operator friendly world class motorised rigid shelling machines.

The results were phenomenon, Gayathri customers were delighted with innovative machinery to fully meet their growing demands for process modernisation.

Gayathri Industry took a new Avatar in April 2015 with its name befitting its contribution to technology upgrade as GI Technologies.

The insight gained in machinery manufacturing with a team of multi – disciplinary professional and in house design & development division unfolded
opportunity to upgrade Cashew Processing Technology to offer unlimited innovation in its offering of RCN sizing machine, Manual / mechanized shelling
machine, online shelling system up to scooping system, peeling machine & automatic Kernel Grading Machine tailor made for Cashew kernel and an array of in process material handling system.

Have recently setup in 2015 a world class mechanized Cashew Processing Plant- 20 mt per shift on turnkey basis in West Africa setting a bench mark for
the industry.

Now fully equipped to offer Cashew processor around the globe, Customized Plant Machinery layout & modernization of existing Plant, Project consultancy, Turn­ Key Projects and Mechanized material handling system.

GI Technologies is emerging as a world leader in Cashew Processing Technology provider to meet the growing demands for appropriate technology to Cashew processors from time to time to help them grow globally.